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About Us

With more than 28 years experience behind him, Mr Francis Tng set up Hong Wen Hardware Timber Pte Ltd in 1999. Hong Wen specializes in building materials, all kinds of hardware and all kinds of natural timber, plywood, waterproof plywood, fancy plywood.

We carry a wide variety of fancy plywood, including cherry, maple, walnut, oak, ash, buminga and sapele. We also import a range of recon (reconstituted) plywood such as oak, ash and cherry which we import directly from Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

Hong Wen also provides a variety of accessories, fittings and hardware.

Our customer base ranges from designers to carpenters and renovation contractors and schools, and we are proud to count SMRT, Comfort Delgro,United World College Of South East Asia and NTU as our clients.

Mr Francis Tng was born to a poor family with many siblings.Even as a student he has a neck for making money and as a student he would work as a construction worker for a few dollars a day during the school holidays. He is a Filial and understanding handing all his income to his mother to help out the family finance.

After serving his National Service, he worked as a farm hand , bus ticket inspector & delivery man.

As a man with ambition, he understood that being an Entrepreneur is the only way to make something out of himself. So in 1987 Francis and his family started a shop selling hardware suppliers but due to difference of opinions they parted ways.

In 1999 with a capital of S$200,000.00 Francis started Hong Wen Hardware Pte Ltd operating from a 1600sqft JTC shop unit with 2 staffs. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, Francis faced & overcame countless challenges. There was once even when he thought there would be no way out, when we was faced with overwhelming bad collection but that faithful saying was proven through that “When God closes a door, He opens another!”

In his hardest moment, a group of his supplies came to his aid, giving him extended lines of credit, support in stocks & etc, with that Francis pulled through and for that he will be forever grateful to for those friends that came to his aid in the darkest hour.

So one customer at a time, one deal at a time, he built the million dollar one stop solution company of today. You can find Everything from Furniture, Household Hardware, Construction Hardware, Building Hardware to Plywood in his shop. Everything that his customer needs, if he is not currently stocking in his 13000sqft shop and his 3rd story warehouse he will source out to meet his customer’s needs.

Being a successful entrepreneur in the 21st century, Francis keep himself on the cutting edge by attending numerous classes ranging from psychology to business management and keep himself in the know of the latest trends and technologies by having constant feedbacks and dialogs with his clients, his staffs & his suppliers.

Francis is also an animal lover who has expended his business even into Arowana breeding farms.

Being an advid animal lover like himself, you can see him integrating his love for animals with his business. birds that fly in the sky to fishes that swim in the sea to animals that run on land.

Many of his clients even seek out these interesting company mascots and pay them regular visits like his Tibetan mastiff & his other pedigree dogs, Endangered well breed Arowanas, colorful parrots & rare mandarin ducks, finding rest & reprieve away from the hassle buzzer of city living.

Welcome those who love animals to communicate

"Few things are impossible to diligence and skill.”

~ Samuel Johnson

"That destructive siren, sloth, is ever to be avoided."

~ Horace

"The hand of the diligent shall bear rule.”

~ Proverbs 12:24

“Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.”

~ Henry Ward Beecher

“Responsibility is the price of greatness.”

~ Winston Churchill

"Be not be afraid of Poverty, fear Laziness, do not be afraid of Hard work fear Irresponsibility, do not afraid of problems but fear of Irresponsibility."

~ Francis Tng